Intrinsically Safe, Atex Beacons

Atex Light Beacon Specialists offering a range of intrinsically safe beacons from leading manufaturers Werma Signaltechnik, Funke Huster Fernsig &
e2S Warning Signals designed for use in explosive atmospheres where Atex certfication is required.

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Atex Beacon / Explosion proof beacons

e2s Atex Beacons

e2s Atex Beacons
The e2s range of atex beacons include high power LED beacons, Xenon beacons, Strobe Beacons and Beacon Mounting Plates suitable for Atex Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22.

These intrinsically Safe Beacons have a range of features, Xenon beacons feature automatic synchronisation on multi-beacon systems, other beacons have rotating effect modes, flashing modes, steady mode, strobe mode etc etc.

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Werma Atex Certified Beacons

Werma Ex Beacons

WERMA Beacons provide safe and reliable signalling in explosive environments. These Atex Certified Beacons are suitable for use in certain gas, vapour and dust applications, the range includes Atex signal towers, Atex beacons, Ex Flashing Beacons, Atex Sounders and combination devices.

Werma Atex Beacons

Werma Atex Beacons

FHF Explosion Proof Beacons

The Funke Huster Fernsig (FHF) range of explosion proof beacons are designed for forwarning, information or signalling purposes in hazardous EX areas. These Atex Certified, explosion proof signal beacons are suitable for use in Ex zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

FHF Explosion Proof Strobe Lights.

FHF dSLDF21 Explosion Proof Rotating Beacon

FHF Activeline GH5 - Multicoloured LED Beacon

FHF Expertline Explosion Proof LED Light.

FHF DSLB20 - Explosion Proof LED Light Beacon.

FHF EXL06 - Explosion Proof Sounder Beacon.

FHF Explosion Proof Beacons FHF Atex BEacons

Atex Traffic lights / Tower Lights

  • For Gas- and Dust Ex, Zone 1/2/21/22
  • Latest LED-Technique
  • Assembly with line bushing
  • Flexible assembling with lamp modules
  • Very robust structure
  • High chemical resistance
  • These Atex signal towers are equipped with latest technology, bright LED's and are maintenance free . Suitable for status indication, fault indication, level indication or can be used as Atex traffic lights. Two sizes of enclosures 430mm (up to 4 lamps) and 470mm for 5 signal lamps. The signal towers are delivered with either cable gland or line bushing is a pre-wired and ready-for-connection unit, possibility of up to 2 cable glands or line bushings so you can easily connect more signal towers in line.

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    Atex Tower Light, Atex Trafic Light